How to store a wedding dress

When brides leave our bridal boutique with their beautiful wedding dress, we are always asked for tips on how to store a wedding dress. Following COVID-19, it has been an even more prevalent question, as so many of our brides have sadly had to postpone their special day.

We thought it would be helpful to share with you, top tips for safely storing your wedding dress.

Location, Location

Firstly location! This really is key, pick a safe place to store it. The space should be a dark cool area, make sure it’s free from damp, pests, pets, children and prying eyes! Do not have the dress exposed to direct sunlight. We often say a spare room or wardrobe are great places. A loft is not ideal because the temperature can fluctuate so much.

Hang out

All of our dresses are packaged up on a hanger in a acid-free dress bag, to keep your dress fresh and safe for the big day.

Hanging your dress is best, rather than boxing it up (the latter is great once your special day has come and gone). Hanging your dress allows airflow, preventing it from getting musty. We also sell a lot of dresses with illusion straps, sleeves etc, these are very delicate.

Be Supportive

Make sure that they loops inside the dress are being used to take the weight. You don’t want the straps to be doing the work, as they risk stretching or tearing. Wedding dresses can be really heavy, particularly ballgowns or ones with huge amounts of beading. The internal ribbons/loops are designed to be used on the hanger so they take the weight.


If for any reason you have swapped your dress out from the cotton acid-free dress bag provided, we strongly recommend you switch is back asap.

Our bags enable the dress to breath and the acid-free is the key element to stop the dress discolouring and creasing. It also protects it from dust, just make sure when zipping the bag back up you are careful not to catch any elements.

Sneak Peeks

Depending on where you choose to store it, we know you are going to check on it and take a peek. Who wouldn’t, after all you should be very excited to wear it. It is best to try and resist the urge to keep trying it on, as accidents do happen.

Get ready and enjoy!

Before your wedding about one to two weeks before, take your dress out of the bag and hang it up. This will enable any wrinkles to drop out.

It’s is also worth remembering to take similar care of your veil. Ideally this should also be hung during the storing period to prevent permanent creases.

Now all is left is to enjoy the most perfect day.

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